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kpop thread for kpop talk


kpop thread for kpop talk


only for real kpoppers who care about kpop and post kpop

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Because of some of the pictures from earlier this year



no, that was it, she was slightly leaning on me I guess, because it was deep in the ocean



10/10 would dream again




got a Nintendo Switch from a fan and her face was priceless

she was like: "I wanted steamdeck instead "


surely the company told her to do this, but at the same time, if she's willing to do it, it'd be better if she went full afreeca streamer and actually make some money




went full afreeca streamer

nah, remember the neuron activation curve

we don't like when girls are too lewd, they should always pretend to be shy and don't show too much at once

for example, the nancy video is so unique only because she's an idol and she was never supposed to show us her body

but you wouldn't even dare to click similar video on porn resource with noname girl, or even with famous porn actress, because there's nothing special about them acting lewd



this only works for idols with some kind of success, not only she's nugu but absolutely nobody is watching her vlive streams, and plus she already has that big clickbait in her resume: "ex kpop idol"

I'm not saying she should show everything, but teasing like she's doing now




she already has that big clickbait in her resume: "ex kpop idol"

this won't last for long once she go full lewd

seungha movies were great at first but then you realize that you've already seen everything and lose any interest


but teasing like she's doing now

I believe there should be some randomness in that

she shouldn't do that because of the donations or subscriptions

though sometimes any type of content is good, even silly porn videos, for the sake of variability

but in a long term we mostly like shy girls with a bit of lewdness, like in kpop?


though I think I still can rewatch some of the seungha's movies just because of the beautiful face

but it's probably because of the yellow fever, with white girls you wouldn't do that and only care about unique stuff


Yua Mikami from Honey Popcorn is better example, you normally wouldn't care about her



i expected those to be soft as fuck with maybe a minute of sex scene for every 30 minutes of "story"

but i was surprised how much of the "movie" is just sex

the one where she was oiled up really made me think


literally perfect

and that one guy is unhappy she redebuted



I never found her that attractive, her features a rough, probably one of the most overrated idols in terms of looks, next to Joy


no, i might catch the gay by proxy if i reply directly



yeah, Joy has nice joys, maybe I'm thinking more about their faces


Joy is a FAKE FAT FUCK tbh


for me Joy is at least 2 tiers below Reeny/Seulgi



speaking of overrated



I've found pretty unique KAV with strong GFE recently

My Girlfriend Is 20 Year Old if you're interested, those are rare, most of the time it's boring sex scenes with the same actors


the one where she was oiled up

which one? I watched about 10 different ones with her but she has like 50 total so I gave up




which one?

i think it was called "Pay for Sex"

or something like that



is sex the only thing you can think of?

what about love, respect and affection?



I have this movie but I dropped it on first half and that oil scene in the second




unique face with amazing eyes


killer body


wife-tier caring personality

i'd genocide half this planet to have her




have this movie but I dropped it on first half

i skipped the first half, the other girl was kinda uggo





you're after those throat skills?



you listed 66% of the group

let me rephrase

who is you favourite girl in IVE



it was order of preference

wony is best but those other girls are very nice too





can't go wrong with that pick

though recently Rei has been looking amazing



that's great



tbh I can't imagine living with other person at this point, it would be so uncomfortable having to take into account someone's other preferences (and remember to make gifts, remember those stupid special dates, always be nice, deal with relationship hassles, etc)

it's much easier just to care about yourself





I'm glad that loonas got lewded a bit at queendom



tbh the biggest problem is having to explain why you don't have kids when you have to talk in a normie context



maybe it's better if that anon in particular doesn't have kids



not him, but it's being utterly socialy inept at engaging females in romantic relationship for me





tfw watched every mentioned MV multiple times

nice to be sekshiepop expert


tfw spent few hours on exactly the same gcc bug I've had before but forgot to push its fix



if you mean me, the one posting a lot of lewd clips lately, that wasn't me, but I would have posted that too



I mean lightsum's nayoung video

yugi and nayoung are about the same level of randomness, people don't normally lewd them

I'm not against it, but it's a bit strange, imo it's more rewarding to follow designated sekshie members




but it's a bit strange

maybe if you are a faggot

but having lewd things about Ugi is normal for heterosexual men


she is not the girl anymore

she is hot now and she knows it


we lewd every single idol here


top recent posts of kkzz include Eunbi, Somi and Karina

what a time to be alive for us boobros



nothing surprising in those recent ones, but it's just nice to notice we have those girls promoting


Sua wears glasses when she doesn't have schedules. Even as she's doing the live, she can't read the comments well and is considering lasik eye surgery



still watched it 2 times


머리부터 guys took a big L



I can't listen to it anymore but the other two are still nice