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BIG FAT P edition


BIG FAT P edition


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here's a very useful life hack for you my mates

don't ask how I know this but if you ever have boner issues try ginseng, after few weeks of taking your peepee works fine again


this escort looks nice





probably daughter of some sex tourist



i haven't done the deed in a week now and i can feel my pipi is starting to wake up from a long slumber



i wish i was a gook chaebol so bad right now



if she breathes she's a thot



no shame in losing against Minhyun

btw not only those actors, but I've seen many of them forcing a very deep voice; I'm sure they do have it already, but in part it doesn't sound natural




forcing deep voice

cringe, arin won't fall for that trick

608×10802.42Mb00:17오마이걸 아린 저음




that outfit was amazing, shame we didn't get much of it






gonna have to get checked for STD now


holy fuck Loona is coming here



ok, here goes:


5dl of flour


2dl of cold water


0.5dl of sunflower oil


1 teaspoon of dry yeast

Mix everything together, roll the dough in your hands for a few minutes into a ball and let it rest over night in refrigerator (cover it up plastic wrap or something). Then next day split it to two dough balls, roll them again and let them rise in room temp. for at least few hours before making the pizzas. I just flatten the doughs into pizza shapes using my hands. This is 2 medium size pizzas basically.

For the tomato base just buy a ready-made canned and smashed tomatoes, they sell them just for pizza purposes. For cheese I would recommend slicing a mozzarella ball.

About 9-13 min/pizza in the oven in 250 degrees C, depending on how much tomato you used. It's important to heat up the oven and the oven tray before putting the pizzas in, so that your pizza base cooks nice and crispy. Hope this helps



thanks man

I really appreciate this, I will try to make it and report back



I ain't cooking from a recipe from some random nigga




My wife song hayoung



You start by building a website that works



not interested in this one

ahin and nancy will do just fine




last for Jessica dod nothing wrong


Garam did nothing wrong

1280×720413.66Kb00:04아린이의 좋은 노래 알아가는 방법




bretty good, she reminds me of Spica's Jiwon


ASMR is one of the cringiest entertainment thing ever

they just whispering, nothing special about it



autismbro... you have a special brain so you literally cannot empathize with the feeling it gives neurotypicals. it's supposed to make your brain tingle with pleasure



it's not better than when girl just slowly talking with a cute voice

I mean that whole thing with whispering is a dumb hype and it doesn't really matter much, but conformistbros like you would soyface about it like crazy because it's such a cool abbreviature - A S M R





is a dumb hype

what hype? do you think I saw it in an ad or was everywhere on the news? I literally just watched a video on youtube from the thousands I watch and I thought it was cool (just like how I discovered kpop), but in your mind it was some sort of thing that "all the normies are into but not me cuz I'm special"

not all asmr is good, the ones from idols is terrible (cute to watch though); if you're using good headphones and still don't get tingles (not necessarily means that you will like it), then you unironically have autism




what hype?

that ASMR thing is very popular, kpops talk about it in their lives all the time. and not only kpops of course, normies like to discuss some cool asmr video they saw recently and shit like that


I thought it was cool

it's not bad, but it's cringe because people overestimate its value, it's just fucking whispering, that's all


and still don't get tingles

that's what I'm talking about. that phrase is cringe by itself

some retarded marketing expert decided to popularize dumb idea about whispering and now people have yet another type of entertainment. this is so retarded because it has almost no value



it's the same as 10,000 steps per day thing

it was created by jap makerting guys and isn't proven by any medical research

I don't mean that walking is bad, but I hate marketing because normies are too dumb to find the truth because nobody tells them, they notice only screaming ads and hollywood movies and believe it

only true values deserve to be popularized, we need to fight against the dumb marketing





noooo you are all marketing victims


I get tingles in my brain = I feel good = I want to watch.




because people overestimate its value

You completely misunderstand why people like things and fail to realize that people can enjoy things, and you can dislike those things at the same time. This whole combo would have been a lot shorter is you just said asmr is retarded

Thinking it's a marketing scam is an absurd --yet very popular nowadays-- way of seeing things in the modern age; everything is conspiracy now


Ok I'm nerdy



i blast to her ua ones every day you can do better than that



arin isn't jiheon

and jiheon ended promotions

go figure


why yes i do spend my days watching Arin fancams on repeat

how could you tell?



i feel like i can see the shape of her figure and it makes it all the more hot



I think the other performances were too much that they gave her proper safety shorts in this one, now her size




they gave her proper safety shorts in this one

and the whole nation cried


tae a cute




when the camera is behind her

holy fucking SEX



look at all her IG pics

she was out on a beach every day for weeks


That's it, no more masturbation the whole thing is a scam