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BIG FAT P edition


BIG FAT P edition


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look at all her IG pics

she was out on a beach every day for weeks




welcome to the club mate, soon we're all pure here


i love this new snsd comeback so much



this was also in my local newspapper, and they probably mean the list from that one random retard TC candler or something



im glad your dumb ass left, just stick to shitting up kpg


replying to 1 month old post


jiho is gone


binrin is dead

it was a good run, miraclebros...



Nonstop was chaotic in this performance lol, not sure if they're not allowed to get near the public but security was panicking




binrin is dead

still makes me laugh how it seems like they avoid each other, but I do have noticed that Yubin has no problem mentioning Arin's name, can't say the same the other way around


had a dream having dancing lessons with Irene (not k-pop dance but like classical pair dancing), she was wearing a black skin-tight dress and it was literally heaven




still makes me laugh how it seems like they avoid each other

have korean miracles noticed this?



I only have one Korean friend and yeah, but he sees it as a funny thing




that last cut

Any philosophers here? if I will never have what he has what is the point of it all



kpop has ruined how i look at women

even solid 8/10 white women seem like 5 at best when compared to my waifus

i am destined to die alone



I used to think that for the past 8 years but recently a midgf stole my heart

wagmi we just have to give white girls a chance


tfw born a few decades too early to have my consciousness uploaded into a robot and be able to live forever

is there a worse time to be born honestly?



you could have been born 200 years ago with 8% chance of living till your 6th birthday




midgf as in a middle-tier looks gf?

yeah mid face but fortunately hot body, at first it was hard to forget about kpops while with her but now I'm more attracted to her than to the hottest kpops



enjoy it

at least some of us are making it




it's a song all high IQ men appreciate



has Swan lost weight?


from the image preview i thought this was a netizenbuzz-style anti post



mimi realized that she stands no chance against arin and yooa in the classic gook look so she went for the brown bimbo look to find her own niche and i think she succeeded



the world is going to shit, he saved her from having to live in this hell





he do be ugly af tho

mogged hard by Lewa and Benzema not only in skills but also looks



based tsu already transitioning his career into an internet meme-personality

800×842531.58Kb00:03160715.OH MY GIRL Cut.韓ON! ファイティン!![MUSIC ON! TV]



didn't know we had footie fans itt



never cared about footy but pissi vs pisstiano battle entered the most hilarious stage now that Messi plays in farmer's league and Cristiano got benched

the /sp/ threads about the are a gold mine


last for Dal_Seeexbin



kinda, since it works more or less fine

I come here when jannies are bored and banning random shit


last for Arin



lewding Arin is too common now, cuterins is where is at in 2022


I had a dream last night that this thread came back to life

I check it now and it's active

daebak, isn't it?



still mad T-ara's last album wasn't called Absolute Last Album



he will meet at lest one in the Ukrainian one

I'm joining the Ukrainian reddit legion



sounds good, not even gonna take a weapon, just volunteer to watch over the POWs and once you inevitably find him, instead of banning him, deny his human rights

that's what a proper reddit jannie would do


I had to stay away from kpop to save my load for Ana de Armas in Blonde



she is pretty but still got nothing on my waifus



I watched all 10 different fancams of that performance, I don't think it's webm worthy, the whole thing is great




I'm depressed because the new DC song sucks :/


Pissi Cucktini Bros... not like this...



it's coming out..!!