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#2 SciTech Thread


#2 SciTech Thread


Monketype edition

- All the latest gripes about operating systems

- Don't aggregate related stuff for rows until after filtering

- Will v0 end the bore of user interface design

- How to buy an ISO laptop in europe (without shipping it from across the atlantic)


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the th in rhythm is voiced just like ㄷ. the voiceless dental fricative is represented by ㅆ anyway.



another example of koreans being fucking scammers

they import words the way they sound

they export words the way it's written

the famous example is maknae. I'm sure 99% of kpop fans around the world pronounce it with "k" which is absolutely very very very wrong

why would they do that ??????



blame the romanizers they cut some corners but turns out those corners was half of everything



writing words how they sound into hangul is a no-brainer but i think some work could be done with korean romanization.

730×11367.61Mb00:07[MPD직캠] 아이즈원 1위 앵콜 직캠 4K '라비앙로즈(La Vie en Rose)' (IZ_ONE FanCam No.1 Encore) _ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.11.8-2KU_P2cNAg4

to dumb for boxes/virt manager, to many errors

windows is somehow the best virtual machine host wcyd



install unraid then? or truenas

I can configure everything by hand but I don't want to, so I just paid $60 and don't need to thinker with anything at all

1920×1080811.64Kb00:02아이즈원(IZ_ONE) 맞춤형 TMI 쇼! 예능잘알 앚둥이들의 끼 대방출!! [QT SHOW] Ep.1-uPW7fpWbDPM


oh yeah what if i dont use it at all for the storage features implied by the scary name

maybe it could be a nice virtual mahine host ill try it next



so you just need a linux host to manage VMs?

virt-manager on any distro should be pretty easy to setup then, I dunno what are you talking about



errors on each form even after checking virtualization is enabled in bios


i'm reading a mysterious unraid file called make_bootable.bat to see if there's something suspicious there


i like convention more than configuration if i screw up something later on and have to start from scratch it'll be easier to get back up than configuring the same things from google again




if i screw up something later on and have to start from scratch

it's linux, not windows, everything is reproducible via configs and shell commands

hint: write all sequence of actions you do into e.g. in any text editor, it will make your life much easier if you ever need to replicate that

hint2: learn ansible



don't you know HN commenters are retarded?

even on reddit I haven't seen such idiocracy as in some HN threads. they are too affected by the Dunning-Kruger there



what are you going to do with the disks tho? don't you need them attached to Windows for the Backblaze Backup?


This may seem lame to many of you, but I was (and am) really turned off by the “popular highlights” feature of Kindle. I don’t love that my highlights and notes are there for Amazon to mine. Maybe Apple does the same, who knows. But I find it distasteful.

annotations you make are automatically shared with all other Kindle devices


proxmox seems amazing and does everything

wonder whats the best way to use debian installer preseed files with it, probably first make one vm manually and set up apache or whatever file server and serve the files from there


Personally I would never run Asus/Netgear/Zyxel/etc's all-in-one router firmware on the network's edge. Probably not even on the inside of the network.


Well depending on how you roll, I've had 2 routers - inside/outside. Guest network, IoTs, etc on the outside. Computers, Phones, Printers on the inside.

a two router strategy



you're worrying too much

think it terms of the threat model: what's the worst hackers can possibly do with the automated attack? (non-targeted)

1920×10803.09Mb00:13"LOVELYZ DIARY Season 3" EP. 06 <>


my computer has all my info so basically the same as internet/phone doctors

they will make my stuff public, everyone will know i'm a kpop fan



after that roadblock is cleared hack-nim has access to my internal network

then he can easily hak windows just by watching the latest vulnerabilities and applying them before the next patch tuesday

i remember trying to install a fresh windows while the computer was attached to the internet port in the wall, after the installation was complete hack-nim's wurms were are already in the system kind of quick-simulating the experience



that's why I said "non-targeted"

non-targeted will most probably just install botnet client on the router, and maybe scan internal network for the most basic old vulns such as netbios and things like that. it most certainly won't be able to use some Windows 0day because those are too expensive to use non-targeted (because they will be instantly patched)




scan internal network

wait i'm too lazy to restrict access to my internal kpop apps on local network it's over everybody knows now




internal kpop apps on local network

it will steal your kpop archive by reverse-engineering the HTTP API


read 25 pages and procrastinating again

it's all so tiresome

even if I force myself to read, I will certainly just mentally skip 100% of the text



maybe try a pomodoro for an entire day (8 hour) and report back, i'd be curious to hear how it goes



what's the reward?

maybe if I had kiss from Ningning after every 25 minutes of reading


fucken tired of constant context switching between reading a book and adding a note on ipad

paper books are definitely just for entertainment purposes

now need to research, can you add notes on eink reader fast enough, or only on a tablet with LCD screen



does typing a note on an ipad even do anything

at least handwriting notes has some studies backing it, sure it wont be show nicely in the epub you are viewing but you could also write the page number by the note



unfortunately it's not possible to draw on epub because it's text format (unless you screenshot every page but that's stupid)

can convert to PDF and annotate with pencil on that tho, but PDFs might be not so comfy to read

anyway, my idea is to mark the most interesting thoughts in the book during the first read, then open the book on computer, check all the notes, and write my thoughts to the markdown notes app (to aggregate it into a single thing). that way you can probably remember something, and most importantly, have a way to quickly restore the memory by reading that short note again

I'm not sure about the studying efficiency of handwriting vs typing on a keyboard. probably the former is better, but typed notes have they own pros


you could also write the page number by the note

you mean just annotate in the separate app, like people used to do it with paper books and notebook? I don't like the context switch, huge chore

people used to do even physical zettelkasten by hand tho



just gotta find the whisper equivalent for automatically reading them notes with a phone or whatever and copy paste them in copy paste works between your fone and computer right?

rumor is apples text recognition is amaezing



finally an excuse to buy 2x8Tb for a 20TB NAS lol


300k files and 6TB of data

I was thinking about that for a while, what can one person do with a huge amounts of information floating around? I mean you can save all of that, but can you process it with your brain power?

thousands of posts are being created every day on KPG, dozens of new webms, how do you live with that?

or maybe it's all useless content consumption and you should focus on something more important like science?



while you're spending years saving and watching those 5-second slowdown webms, chaebol sons just having fun with best kpop girls on a parties

sounds not very smart



as long as my top 10 waifus are not going to the parties i will stay sane




Often when I am stuck on problems, I think out-loud by typing into my notes, which means I can include valuable self reflections and realizations along with my notes, particularly forcing myself to reflect on design approaches that won't work and why they don't work, instead of just keeping it in my head. If I were forced to handwrite these notes (which sometimes I have been), my ability to think was severely bottlenecked by handwriting speed; I can type about 100 words per minute, but I can only write about 15-20 words per minute by hand.

how about handwriting competition

30wpm for the Ning waifu


so with handwritten notes you modify your internal neural nets

with typed notes you put data outside of your brain, but still prepare your neural nets in a certain way, to make them absorb that information very quickly once you see it again

something like internal HDD vs external HDD


games are so expensive on PS5, I need to buy PC probably



oh yeah, it became like 5x more expensive, not buying that shit again

tbh I don't even play much, maybe few games per year and then burn out badly

but sometimes I want to suddenly play some interesting story-driven game and the PS price kills me, it's always so much better on PC


how to choose the best font, background color, line height and similar settings for the book app



I chose the theme with the beige background and changed to the sans font (Proxima Nova) and set minimal brightness and enabled Night Shift. but how can I be sure that my settings are the best

seems good enough for an LCD device tho

finished the first small book, was easy enough

not sure if I need to read more

maybe will research eink which has nice note sync capabilities, maybe even with Calibre app on computer, because I'm bored anyway rn

it might be like Zotero

you can install it in docker container on unraid side, interact via web UI, open books both on computer and on eink device, and everything is synced via wifi

might read a lot of books that way which I wanted for a long time

tho not sure if books are good enough for entertainment, might watch movies/tv series/youtube videos instead or read forums


kindle paperwhite 16gb $150

not bad, might even fall for it and impulsive buy



Annotations for "personal documents" (i.e. any content added to your Kindle account that wasn't bought from Amazon) don't appear, although Amazon does capture them and synchronize them between your devices. If you run the Kindle iOS app, it now has a new feature that allows you to export your "Notebook" (all the notes and annotations for a given book/document across devices) and send it as an .html file in email. (I'm guessing we have the new Kindle Scribe to thank for this.) This file opens in the browser and contains all your annotations for a given book which can be easily copy/pasted into Calibre.


You can download the NEW Kindle App on your desktop, go to the "More" tab for your notebooks

huh, I guess it kinda works now

still not as convenient as Apple Books of course. and you need extra device too. maybe just should read on ipad


Hello, hi. I have been lurking Kpop content for a while I decided to give in on storing fancams, selcas etc, and I have just filled my extra 1tb ssd - left 100gb for safety. I am gonna buy a hdd and was wondering how much you guys have saved, so I can base on that. A 10tb might be overkill since I don't save anything other than Kpop and I don't like many groups. By the time I come back will be 2024 so, happy new year!




storing fancams

4K fancams are huge, ~500MB per song. so you can fit only few thousands of them per TB

for photos you don't need much, 1TB will be enough for everything

and if you're planning to hoard some extra kpop content such as concerts, that also takes a lot of space


I can buy Kindle and then sell it if I won't use it




for example if you want to keep some gayo concerts, they are about 30GB each

├── [ 13G]  20181225 SBS Gayo Daejun 2018 Part
├── [ 12G]  20181225 SBS Gayo Daejun 2018 Part
├── [ 23G]  2019-12-25_17-40_6.1 SBS_2019 SBS 가요대전_kresbayyy.ts
├── [ 30G]  2019-12-27_19-50_7.1 KBS2_2019 KBS 가요대축제_kresbayyy.ts
├── [ 29G]  2019-12-31_20-50_11.1 MBC_2019 MBC 가요대제전_kresbayyy.ts
├── [ 30G]  SBS Gayo Daejeon -
├── [ 14G]  SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 Part 1.ts
├── [ 17G]  SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 Part 2.ts
└── [ 27G]  SDJ

8GB vs 16GB kindle is the biggest scam since Apple tax

8GB is enough but 16 is just 10-20 dollars more, so why not? and those additional 8gb probably cost amazon just few cents, so they're winning 15 dollars for free



The truth is, it's not even the size that would be an issue, it's the number of books. I've tried in the past to keep thousands of books on my kindles, and despite getting nowhere close to filling up all that space, the kindles would still start to crash more and function more slowly just because of the number of books. (We're talking probably 3-4K+)


In other words, you basically can't use up all that space with regular books, because the kindle would stop functioning long before you downloaded 8gb worth of books.

yessss, I found the comment which saved my ass


impulsively bought kindle (paperwhite 2021 8gb)


wanna try to guess how many books would I read on Kindle before getting bored of it?

I assume 3-5 max


When connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you can choose to save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon



The X-Ray feature lets you explore the "Bones of the Book" with a single tap, enabling you to see all of the passages in a book that mention specific ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, topics, and terms. X-Ray also extracts notable clips, people, terms, and images from a book and presents them in a stack of cards organized on a timeline so you can quickly skim through the clips and view all of the images in one place.


When you're reading a book, press and hold on a character’s name or a place mentioned in the book to view the corresponding X-Ray topic.

cool feature

why can't they connect ChatGPT and make it available for all books tho, even user-uploaded


those books

imagine actually reading it



so he agrees will all ideas I've listed before

make notes and then write your own summary with quotes of the book for best memorization

then cross-link different summaries via the zettelkasten

almost, perfect, maybe need to add Anki for the spaced repetition

although if you cross-link good enough, you will see old notes often too, and have a chance to revisit them in memory



One of the exploits requires specific corruption of the FAT file-system.


This is being mitigated in the 5.16.3 family by converting from mass storage to MTP..


The other exploit is at the Javascript level As far as I can tell, it is still present in 5.16.3 -- it will need to be fixed on all devices in parallel, and it really needs to be fixed.


All these exploits do is give you the ability to execute arbitrary code as root.

writing exploits must be fun


those hobbyist forums is a fucking disorganized mess

tons of different pages with outdates commands, people flooding and posting wrong information all around the place

why can't they just have 1 single wiki page with all newest information combined in a short instruction


Help me unbrick my PW3


I was following this guide to jailbreak my PW3 (fw.


Unfortunately the device is now stuck with the boot screen after I got an error on my pc


Amazon logs and sends to servers EVERYTHING you do on a Kindle, even every single tap and time in milliseconds precision.


install LanguageBreak




install MRPI


install KUAL



this is fucking retarded, worse than linux

I'm not doing this



what if you read while offline? unless it stores all the logs anyway and syncs when online again #offline-first




unless it stores all the logs anyway and syncs when online again #offline-first

yeah, I think that's the case

because it stores all your notes/bookmarks once you connect back to wifi (which I want to do), it most definitely syncs all your telemetry data as soon as it can too

although previously it was even more hilarious: 3G modem, always enabled, always connected to the internet because Bezos paid tons of money for contracts with carriers. imagine device which always spies on you and phones home

well, technically the airplane mode should disable it, but still it's fucking dystopian




3G modem, always enabled, always connected to the internet

kindle built like a car



actually russian guys do it much better at 4pda

mobileread and especially reddit is unmanageable mess compared to it

hate that tinkering culture though, it's kinda retarded to spend so much time doing things which are kinda useless

not like spending time on watching kpop is somehow better tho


Could we sue the European Union for their ill-conceived GDPR cookie law, which invasively spatters cookie dialog boxes on every website we view, and wastes our time in having to respond to it? What are the legal repercussions for such a bad mistake?