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#4 SciTech Thread

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Hello, there!


Welcome to Project IDX, an experimental new project from Google designed to make it faster and easier to build, ship, and manage full-stack, multiplatform apps from the comfort of your browser.

got invite to IDX, am I cool?

won't use it




unraid gonna get expensive huh

is this a scam? they haven't changed shit yet


server running out of memory but already upgraded to max (64gb)






korea knowledge paid out



two weeks without background music and the results are in

everything is exactly the same other than not having to find new mixes due to getting bored of a genre becus listening too much



sadly i cannot even tell what that instrument in the remix is

like a xylophone or something?


>>1021196 ➡

나만 않아 다른 사람이도 어려울 수 있잖아



94% capacity btw

maybe listening to kpop in airpods while browsing safari is too much




this doesn't mean that the device is fast enough to read posts on modern text-centric social media platforms or modern text-centric web forums. While 40fps is achievable in PUBG, we can easily see less than 0.4fps when scrolling on these sites.

it's the web

if i browse html pages my phone is all cool and nice but if im on some javascript place the phone often gets noticeably hot. and im just scrolling through some divs with some text on them






it’s just 5PM

I have powerbank but I shouldn’t charge my phone multiple times per day

should have bought that i15 pro for sweat price

on the other hand airpods still working great



we need a remote controlled browser that renders pages at some server then transfers image as h264 video

its impossible to drain battery by playing h264



for kchan on ye laptop last 100 is kinda must, though userscripts might also play a part there



streaming the web on a chromebook with one of those no backlight LCDs

infinite battery


5%, barely survived

that would be lesson for the future, don't be too cheap


NIH syndrome is very strong these days, people rewrite everything in the desperate github stars grind attempts



theres a big market for same thing with better defaults

every 5-10 years we need a new product that replaces the old product because at that point it is stuck in whichever year it was first published




big market for same thing with better defaults


it is stuck in whichever year it was first published

dunno. on one hard I can agree that nginx is a bit inconvenient to configure and also hard to install unpopular plugins like brotli

on the other I can trust that it works very well (because well tested for almost 2 decades), but not sure about caddy yet




theres a big market for same thing with better defaults

neovim was a mistake? they forked instead of overwriting everything



realistically you need to remember like five keyboard shortcuts to use tmux



they have an entire page of new defaults tho definitely not that much, maybe it was more about giving plugin developers the better defaults.

right about forking tho, im guessing you need to be extra smart to be able to continue on someone elses code and they happened to have what it takes



might be wrong but I suppose true vimmers wouldn't use some copycat "vim mode editor", they needed the true code of vim with all its quirks




maybe they have less amount of precious Denisovan genes on the south


Korean/Japanese/Chinese: gold genes

Thais: silver genes

I think Vietnamese is silver too but haven't researched much

not sure about Indonesia/Malaysia at all


is adhd medicine the next key to productivity i was watching some programing stream and the streamer seemed to swear by it



you mean to cure tiktok kids who in their 20s will discover they can't do any work?



some other name but his point was he was always switching from task to task and the drug helped

im also lazy tho so i dunno it would help me but twas interesting




he was always switching from task to task

the creator of Perl said in one interview that's how this mind works


if you could choose any option how would you display custom information from external sources (example periodic http requests) on your desktop?

like a taskbar thing or widget or something on the desktop easily viewable for changes. at first i'm thinking it would be nice to see if theres any continuous errors on my kpop job queue and then easily able to see the stack trace

famous tonsky has which i guess i could start with but it doesnt support additional info on hover/click




how would you display custom information from external sources (example periodic http requests) on your desktop?

terminal with watch command on second desktop?

don't make it too complicated, as said before, all those solutions are too brittle and hackish...



i'll just go with anybar by the famous tonsky

desktop integration works better glanceable information you dont need an entire monitor for




desktop integration works better

nah. HTTP server which serves HTML with statistics is what all professionals use for monitoring


swapping, my greatest enemy

docker containers just dont behave and shut themselves off or shut down whatever application is going cray cray for memory inside the container



did some research, I think Philippines are also silver

maybe even silver+


on pic server with on demand thumbnailer gets a bit worked up when hit with 6000 requests at once should i work on pagination or try to optimize the server




when hit with 6000 requests at once

what the hell are you building there


i write a sentence, then add something to it and forget to reread the sentence and it turns out all bad.

how do i fix myself? its been like this for 5 years at least and i cannot repair myself, any lifehacks?



again with repeating "myself" like a dumbo its over


The image server with on-demand thumbnailer becomes quite agitated when faced with approximately 6000 requests all at once Should I focus on implementing pagination or try to optimize the server instead?


just been lazy so some pages dont have pagination yet and some ig accounts have many thousands of posts




Should I focus on implementing pagination or try to optimize the server instead?

of course the former

can also implement lazy loading instead




still a bit too slow for my liking

are you caching/saving thumbs at least?


webm.lua cropping doesnt work with a rotated video



webm.lua encoded clip first frame on vp8 versus vp9

once again learning the lesson of ever changing defaults its a webm.lua issue but guess there was a reason for that default




first passed failed! check the logs for details

but there are no logs

anyway i'll survive with vp8. likely in the few next years someone will get NIH syndrome and write a better webm.lua with modern defaults




svtav1/opus (default)

[ninnin] Warning: option --sub-ass-style-override was replaced with --sub-ass-override and might be removed in the future.
[ninnin] Error parsing option sub-ass-style-overrides (option not found)
[ninnin] Setting commandline option --sub-ass-style-overrides=undefined failed.

i may be on too old mpv but if i update i cant rotate without the grayscale problem looks interesting tho



maybe this time i got owned by builder-nim but shinchiro instead of brew-guy

[ninnin] [encode] codec 'libsvtav1' not found.
[ninnin] Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (--vo) device.


yeah, you need ffmpeg+mpv compiled with svtav1 support

that's why installation for macOS is TODO

I guess need to do like go people these days, just upload single self-contained binary for each platform in releases



wouldn't bother me but you also don't have to use such a chonky one



Edit: Ha, you literally wrote the book on compression and I just recently learned AVC is h264.


she finds her first non-brick idevice

we had the technology

# dpkg -l | grep xz
ii  xz-utils                               5.2.5-2ubuntu1                          amd64        XZ-format compression utilities
# bash detect_sh.bin
probably not vulnerable

finally ancient debian/ubunut packages helped