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#1 Kcult Thread


#1 Kcult Thread


Let's discuss off topic things on the burning terrace

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oh no no no

I can't look at that face


look at this face instead


should we watch that anime today?

I'm still under impression of that movie tbh so tragic story...


I have the movie ready if you'd like but I dont think I will be awake at our usual viewing time


Im not sure but I will probably sleep very early today



alright, bring snacks and a curious mood the movie is pretty long



it has 10/10 music and REALLY beautiful pictures

don't spoiler yourself it's worth it to just wait and see



yes she did all the songs from the movie



first 3 parts are the best

and that >>347383 moment

first part are my exact feelings sometimes

I think for best perception it's worth to watch first 3 parts in chronological order

this guy is totally broken after he saw Sunnim and sold the camera



oh we dont have to watch so many movies

I was just asking if you made any discoveries you could recommend

I was watching walking dead series and it got really dumb and boring really quickly


there is a movie called "brexit" released in 2019

hollywood works fast


holy shit I've watched that new oceans 8 movie with all women and it's garbage

brexit movie was shit too



the rating has been decided by 7 random imdb users

1 voted 10 one voted 1

it's bullshit


Peppermint.Candy.1999.BluRay.REMUX.1080p.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.2.0-MERDEKA.mkv 17.27 GB


he shouldn't have come

it's so miserable


I feel not so depressed now

took me almost 4 days to bounce back


'Parasite' becomes the first Korean film to win Best Foreign Language Film' at the 77th Golden Globes


watching movie about flat earthers


what do you think about movies that play in before 1990 korea?

I think there are a lot of these joseon era dramas etc but I have never watched anything like that so far. maybe its interesting



yes or just kmovies that dont play in the modern world



why dont you like it? did you try it?

1280×5448.45Mb01:03_ <>

1708×7202.64Mb00:15殘缺 | Crippled Avengers


time to watch a movie


thinking about cute Haemi Yeonwoo



do you remember the concept of "great hunger" she was talking about?

I see so many people irl who clearly have it but try to fill their stomach with soul fast food instead



yes I hope Yeonwoo won't dance topless


do you still have burning movie in high quality? could you upload it to mega for me please?


thinking about great hunger now



Best Script

Best International Picture

Best Direction

Best Picture


I like Burning more tbh


Will we watch yeonwoos drama?




Yong-ho is a depressed man who commits suicide. A series of retrospective events are shown which make the cause of his suicide apparent.

Sounds dark