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#213 International Thread


#213 International Thread


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1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult idols


3. Behave like adults

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shes just built strong bro



but she had a stupid jacket on before all day so it's like opening a floodgate.

even ten rona maskeus wouldn't protect you from all those peromons



yves is a pitchad




which I don't have

you don't pay for mobile internet?

but it's like impossible to navigate in a city without internet these days, at least for such neets like me


but I remember it was somewhat complicated

technically it should be possible to do the same with bluetooth, because in case of nfc you're just transmitting messages between devices. maybe that custom implementation of payments on top of bluetooth wasn't very good


it works very fast and reliably without any special hardware

yeah and it can't be blocked by apple like apple pay


the only negative thing is that the user needs internet connection

it's interesting, I didn't think about the implementation details. in NFC the shop's equipment does the HTTPS request to the bank (and your phone just signs the payment request(I suppose)), with QR seems like you both have to connect to the bank


on the laptop

what if she texts you "want to see special pics? you only have 5 mins" but you're on your way to the shop



how come you're shilling and happy about apple pay? shouldn't you have realized by now that if you depend in any way on it, you'll get screwed out of everything at a whim?

that's pretty npc behaviour there chingu



that anti-bluetooth guy would be mad



epple pay just mirrors the credit card so I would use that?




well it's pretty low probability that USA will cancel your country, unless you're living in Iran, North Korea or Russia

he should be fine




well it's pretty low probability that USA will cancel your country

my country already got extorted out of billions by the USA multiple times in the last 70 years



how am I supposed to tell anything to an analphabet on here

use the voice recorder thing? hell no


he said anal




you'll get screwed out of everything at a whim?

you will still be able to use normal plastic if something goes wrong with apple pay

but yeah, that's probably why china doesn't use it, nobody wants to be manipulated by foreign country



More of an observation, really. I think she has trouble connecting with people, not quite but some spectrum. She's never made any friendships with other idols, she never had any real 'ships' in izone, she was usually in the solo dorm rooms, basically never cries. She's been bred from an early age to be the perfect IT girl and it's lonely at the top.



you don't have nearly as much insight into her life as you think you do




you don't pay for mobile internet?

no I don't.


but it's like impossible to navigate in a city without internet these days, at least for such neets like me

I had to go to a place 2 weeks ago where I never been before and forgot my phone. I had to ask 2 people


it's interesting

yeah it quickly becomes pretty challanging to properly implement if you have constraints like >no customer information ever goes to the shop.



are you maknae and didn't have physics (basic optics) lessons yet?



it's myth-in-head chingu now

we switched a few days ago since it's much simpler


others kchanons are ruining my reputation


comfy dateu



it should be

and there should also be a rule to not stand 50 meters away from cameraga in dance practice room



are you newbro? just read the lyrics


proxying this




conservative christian

she's really gonna hate that commandment breaker guy


I'm letired




no customer information ever goes to the shop.

what do you mean? I'm too lazy to read implementation example, but the easiest would be:

1. shop makes request to bank, it returns qr

2. customer makes payment with app on the phone with payment details from the qr

3. shop makes request to bank one more time and get success if payment went well



nothing is ever subtle about sua




So I can enjoin the morning before work


from henceforth I will only use defaults people smarter than me have decided the most optimal way of living


strike ONE


new thread soon

hangul thread soon

kchan going so well



i haven't, too much logistical chatter, not enough kqt posting




logistical chatter

are you calling my waifu a train?