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#267 International Thread


#267 International Thread


Red edition


1. No sexual fantasies or porn content

2. Do not insult idols

3. Behave like adults

Last week:


Questionable discussions on age and shoulders


CSR girls had a good time in my town


Rei returned and Joy announced her return


All Loona members were freed


Odd Eye Circle announced a Europe tour in all the wrong places


Aespa went full omo


One guy just hates Ningning


Backpain guy kept almost dying


A man with various names shared his nice hiking pictures


Arin day was comfy


Many yokes landed


Heejin impressed nerds with her tongue hand

Next week:


Kiss of Life debut


Some TripleS thing


Yena + Yuqi song


No interesting birthdays

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but they should aspire to

kind of like wony, you can't become her but you should still try




but they should aspire to

Aspire to have a fridge full of water and sugar?


he's right, I should eat more lemons



I like fruit, but it's not exactly a proper diet




today we finally take chose cherry bitches down





“torture porn” & “sexual abuse.”




and not endlessly search google maps

it's part of the job you have to do that if you need to find the stuff, it can't be helped. or develop a good bot to automate part of it


suppose i can assume this is the same one

seems so, kpops usually visit just few places and post photos from the same locations for all members. not a hardcode tourists at all

what's the street name tho?


i made food for nothing






it plays youtube videos in playlists tho

do you mean not possible to add other yt videos?

maybe we can find re-stream at e.g. twitch like previous time?



my opera vpn stream is not exactly high quality and stable enough for that

just use kch as chat, it's a live synchronized video anyway



ah, makes sense, need to open 2 windows in parallel



i still haven't found it

theyve taken pics in like 4 different corners of town though, unlike what kpops usually do


Everyone is gone

1920×108019.47Mb00:52[STAY:SEE👀] #79 SWITH 2nd Membership Photo Shoot Behind



apple cider is so good


missed the good morning again



come watch the show too next time it's fun



it's the sorting of the Korean alphabet, ㄴ is almost the first in the order


the chairs looked like a steelcase series 1 knockoff by the way




Koreans taking L's from the moment they start learning alphabet

no wonder their birthrates are that low



Wooo did not get much screentime this episode



Watching Woo and Nana dance in the rain well~


At this point it's pretty much given that Nana will be in the final 7

I really hope the final "group" is not going to be anything serious because I really want a Wooah comeback soon

1118×[아시아송페스티벌 스타데이트] ⭐️예고⭐️에버글로우(EVERGLOW)와 함께 경주 여행가자!♥️-(1080p)


nana is looking amazing



they still haven't talked about what the final group will entail when it comes to time commitments and such



stealing place in the final group which might be last chance for girls like Elly but don't want to last it long? so egoistic


still can't believe snap pick lost, just look at Yeeun's parts



he is collecting all of our details for his excel spreadsheet


My hype for the Newjeans comeback is going up every day



I like the concept style very much too

fits the beauty of haerin


thanks to the show, I noticed Cherry Bullet Chaerin and Jiwon, Rocket Punch Jury for the first time






post more jihans, chingu

that's an order


I like tuesdays more than other days thanks to kch