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#1 SciTech Thread


#1 SciTech Thread


Kpop science and technology here!

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i read recently the polish iso keyboard was so dog dumb that everyone switched to ansi




that would be cheating I'm pretty sure

I mean what's the point of mastering skills in the task that can be done much better by the computer

as an example:

- building more powerful AI: makes sense, computer can't do that by themselves yet

- playing chess: makes little sense, you will never be better than computer

of course a lot of people still play chess so it's a complicated question



its a game yea consoles games do have auto aim if you are interested tho



the purpose of those things is more complex than simply winning




chromeos is best here, just install keyboards and swap between languages, and when korean swap between english and korean, bim bam boom


windows is okayish, same install and swappy swappy, except when korean each app has its own english/korean state that you would have to

you mean you have two shortcuts:

- switch between your local language and korean

- switch between korean and english in korean layout

I had that in Windows, Alt+Shift for the first and Right Alt for the second but it wasn't very convenient either

now I have Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3 to shift between three languages and also Ctrl+Space to shift between current and previous language

so for example you was on English, then you switch to Korean with Alt+3, and if you press Ctrl+Space it switches back to English. so it's convenient to both switch to e.g. Korean when you're suddenly in a mood of writing some Korean. and to quickly switch between current and previous language when you write in local language but need to use a lot of English words


the downside is that you have different type of hotkeys for the same thing (switching languages). also it doesn't work that way on macos it seems. only korean letters in korean layout



sounds comfy could probably make kde work that way


switch between korean and english in korean layout


idk why the hangul/english switch has to be so garbage

in fact theres a setting in windows to enable app specific languages, imagine trying to remember what language each app was on and then if in korean whether it was in english or korean


quickly switch between current and previous language

i think chrome worked this way (plus different shortcut for cycle between all) its really more comfy since you don't constantly need the third language




in fact theres a setting in windows to enable app specific languages

yeah, I always disable that

also I always switch back to English if I don't need other languages in 5 nearest seconds it's a bit of OCD thing, maybe I should find an app which does that for me


since you don't constantly need the third language


things are a bit tricky when you type in 3 languages at once tho too many switches per minute

like when you do Markdown notes on Korean language with explanations in your local language, you need all three




for me it's the opposite: seeking in VP9 stream with mpv rarely works, but with H.264 it's fine


recovered a very cute deleted image from the redreader cache

bless them for telling you the cache path in settings



no it's mine and mine alone now

not kpop though so don't worry


compressed towel tablets


what's the most fun way to transfer some terabytes of files from a ntfs external disk to an apfs external disk?


rsync AH


새로운 스레드 언제지?



stay awake for 34 hours to fix sleep schedule


can't sleep now




I try to fix schedule by keeping alarm at 10am for months now, but I mechanically turn it off and just sleep for few more hours anyway

maybe need to try with 12pm instead


is there like a winget thing for macos (install precompiled binaries thingymagic) instead of this macports type install from source it takes a million years to install anything and it's dependencies



i thought it only had caskets for precompiled (plus gui only)



those are x64 builds, better compile mpv from sources on arm mac

but all other dependencies (such as ffmpeg) would be precompiled (and for arm ISA) which is fine




I'm still wondering how would I use this with Blender or any other software with a lot of key combinations.


response1: it's not much different, but key combinations are all easier to hit


response2: I haven't had any weird key combo like that, but if it comes up, you can also add mods to your symbol layer


response3: I guess you could get another smaller and simpler keyboard and assign those weird key combinations to its keys

the absolute state of custom layout retards

first they say it works perfectly good for any task

then they say your task is weird, but you can always modify the config

then they say your task is stupid, so go buy another keyboard because their perfect layout which is suitable for everyone won't work

I can't believe people can be this delusional, but they are




this will allow to open multiple files from Finder. the default app can only do one window so you can open only one file simultaneously

oh thanks post example if you have



In addition to being able to run QMK on a keyboard, you could also get a macropad, or just a second keyboard

lol reminds me those linux fanatics

well it's just the same pattern of finding a solution for non-existing problems anyway


As the results for young adults who speak Korean standard language (Seoul speech), averaged speech rates for male speakers were 334.2 spm and those for female speakers were 314.4 spm. In this study, the averaged conversational speech rate for male speakers was 356.4 spm and that for female speakers was 330.2 spm.


I did hear that languages in general communicate information at roughly the same rate. So languages with longer words speak faster than languages with short words.


Faster than your average English speaker

we can measure the entropy of the information flow of different nations/races



fast speakers are likely to produce less informative content

so those 빨리 빨리 koreans are just showing off

all their fast speeches actually contain to useful additional information, just trying to looking good in eyes of the manager-nims

only making life harder for us, filthy 외퀴s




In parallel, from independently available written corpora in these languages, we estimated each language’s information density (ID) as the syllable conditional entropy to take word-internal syllable-bigram dependencies into account.

how do you calculate ID from a text in a language?


Korean is about the same SR as Spanish and Finnish? interesting

I only heard about Italian being fast



They found that Japanese, which has only 643 syllables, had an information density of about 5 bits per syllable, whereas English, with its 6949 syllables, had a density of just over 7 bits per syllable. Vietnamese, with its complex system of six tones (each of which can further differentiate a syllable), topped the charts at 8 bits per syllable.

how do you calculate that

stupid "science" papers explaining nothing useful


We found that IR is centered on a mean of 39.15 bits/s

English and French look more dense to me. why didn't they say about this, political correctness?

anyway, fast speaking Koreans are scientifically pwned now



in other words this metric >>1002764 is completely useless

it only counts the probabilities of 습, 니, 다 separately, but doesn't account at all how often 다 comes after 니 after 습 which is obviously very often

shitty paper, so the results are useless


finally get to sleep


wake up the usual time

it was all for nothing




In order to pass the United States Registered Professional Reporter test, a trained court reporter or closed captioner must write speeds of approximately 180, 200, and 225 words per minute (wpm) at very high accuracy in the categories of literary, jury charge, and testimony, respectively

maybe live subbers need steno writers


that stupid website works badly, course isn't moving fast enough, so I make more mistakes


it's over, I can't beat it

I'm the worst



when the twitch news came i checked out some lives and they have em openai whispers running on the screen

maybe not too accurate yet but helps eng watchers know what them talking about



why even learn anything at this point if AI will crush you in few years




i didn't actually believe it until i saw this maym image

its real, and its officially over



want to beat me in korean touch typing?

I'm very bad at it too tho


not that bad anymore



hard to not get mixed up writing korean even after 2 years or how ever many old is the other thread



I remembered the layout, but basically never trained it since then so have a lot of issues with ㅈㄷㅌㅊ (especially because for some stupid reason they are in different order on top and on the bottom)

and the letter that triggers me the most is ㅂ/ㅁ because ㅂ니다 sounds like ㅁ니다 so my brain confused sound/writing/typing neural signals and I type it wrong very often

but because I not type a lot of korean that speed is kinda sufficient anyway




they are in different order on top and on the bottom

this is the funniest part why is the order the complete opposite??



maybe that's in google somewhere but I can only rationalize the creator thought it's better for muscle memory to go in zigzag than in straight line

or maybe related to typing frequency but that's unlikely



in this guy's analysis from stackexchange it's

ㄱ > ㄷ > ㅈ > ㅂ > ㅊ > ㅌ > ㅍ > ㅋ

which is basically the same, with only single difference

so in my understanding the gooks saw the correlation here, with just ㅍ being out of the order

but I would still prefer ㅂㅈㄷㄱ ㅍㅊㅌㅋ just for the ease of learning




how did you make it so fast

also you probably use some fancy mechanical keyboard and I'm on default notebook's one



i took a course

I studied through a good program, but only my local language. never studied english properly, but when you know one layout, everything else is kinda the same rules anyway

still, when you study specific language like english you will probably get better results tho



although if you think about it a bit more it could have been:




pointer finger goes to ㄱㄷ, middle to ㅈㅂ, ring to ㅊㅍ, pinky to ㅋㅌ

instead they put both ㅂ and ㅋ to pinky although ㅂ is much more frequent than ㅋ



this is on an external apple keyboard very unused to it by now tho did you know mac keyboards have extremely small travel while still clicky so they could theoretically be much faster to write on than mechanical

although i'm on slim mechanical so not super long travel either




mac keyboards have extremely small travel while still clicky so they could theoretically be much faster to write on than mechanical

yeah, I think that too

just tried to put pressure on you

do you have macbook or what? 빨리 대답!



I meant the USB-C port with PD on the display, people reported it stopped outputting power to the macbook after some time

btw, noticed one issue with that port

when I turn my displays off before going to bed, it stops outputting power too, so macbook is on battery for the whole night. probably not a big deal but still a bit worried about the battery longevity. or maybe it's even a bit better than always keep it charged? not sure

many shouldn't turn displays off at all, but then they might sometimes turn on during night because mouse glitched and moved a bit




yeah i did

you had macbook but now don't? where do you attach apple keyboard to




but obviously doesn't work with this since you can't turn off the monitor and sometimes need to power cycle it anyway

makes me think why didn't they make separate power off button for the power for USB-C



i sold it

how do you use macos then? hackintosh or another mac?




because mouse glitched and moved a bit

or maybe can just turn off the mouse


But you're right--the effusive praise, with lack of any other substantive commentary, is all over the comments of every worthwhile video.



sometimes there are useful comments but it's hard to find them, have to scroll a lot

also where else would you go if you want some additional thoughts on the ideas in the video

repost video to reddit and wait for answers? waste of time