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#21 Starry Eyes Edition


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opensuse tumbleweed is probably the best available

though calculate linux might also fit

600×6002.66Mb00:16[V LIVE] [PRISTIN] 프리스틴 돌잔치😉-63914

imagine grabbing pinky by the there


#15 The Return Of The Cings Edition

764×7202.88Mb00:08170219 우주소녀(WJSN) [너에게닿기를] 부산 팬싸인회 직캠 - 팬싸 종료 후

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Ive listened to 4 songs so far and still only like girl front. change my mind

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I mean in modern soceity you can gain popularity just by reposting some thing most people are not aware about

it doesn't matter how simple/poor that particular thing is compared to other things in this domain, people would love/discuss it anyway


why bother with post ids if you can easliy follow by context


#6 International Cooperation Edition


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Talent is not enough. Public wants to get in touch with person on a screen. She has to show how big her heart is, maybe go through the fall and the rise, etc. The laws of drama.


#5 International Cooperation Edition


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but if i havent seen the original i dont have a reference to think about when looking at emoji

please help