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15번째 한글 스레드

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영원한 푸른 하늘 에디션 이전 >>1036484 >>1003563 >>987894 >>961672 >>943240 >>916587 >>894157 >>875832 >>859816 >>849380 >>838910 >>823838 >>800583 >>775652

Крендельная #87

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Поздравляем tripleS с первой победой и продолжаем ждать крутые релизы Смайлец попал в Бесконечное лето >>1065877

webm thread :booba:

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gonna dump some lewd webms here; trigger warning, some clips might be unsuitable for the sensitivity of some viewers feel free to keep the discussion in the other thread

#5 SciTech Thread

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%% It's over edition :jisoo_drink: there's no way these deps of deps will all be caught there must be tens of these in the wild already >>1036688 >>1010690 >>1003529 >>976927

Крендельная #86 первомай

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Ждём возвращения с &**полноформатными** альбомами от **tripleS** **æspa** и **ARTMS** уже в этом месяце! Шахматные баталии >>1060139

Клип aespa

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Вчера вышел клип на нову песню у æspa "long chat". Все было замечательно, он вышел, я начала смотреть, но, к сожалению, за раз клип целиком мне посмотреть не удалось. Я отвлеклась, потом подумала, что лучше заново позже посмотрю клип. В итоге, часа через два сажусь смотреть клип, а YouTube не даёт посмотреть. Пишет: "Владелец видео запретил посмотр в вашей стране. Мне стало ужасно обидно. Клип потом я естественно посмотрела. У меня вопрос, знаете ли Вы как это определяется, какие видео показывают в России, какие нет, потому то другой клип от aespa "Supernova", который вышел днём ранее, до сих пор доступен к просмотру.

#300 International Thread

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Nekomimi edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults In the past 2 weeks >DIY electronics home repair, harder than it looks >Yuna pictures (especially those in swimsuit) keep getting strong reactions >Duel over Minju, who will prevail? >Cherry Bullet disbanded, very sad >HYBE civil war, Hopefully our girls are not the casualties >Photobook by Irene, or of Irene? >New Nujeans song, a banger >New IVE album, full of bangers >Anime tiddies, how do they happen? Is +5 the answer? >Liz singing IU cover, a world-shakign event Next week >Brithdays of: Minji, Monday, Minju (Illit), Mayu Some comebacks possibly, idk, I am not keeping attention

Крендельная №85 Апрель

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Крендели весной особенно вкусные, правда? Начало всему в мире - весна (с) Фуура Кафка Предыдущий, в котором похоронил все шансы на победу в турнире претендентов Хикару Накамура (сперва имя потом фамилия, потому что он американец а не японец, человек который не сделал харакири после своего выступления, потому что у него нет чести самурая, и в шахматы он выигрывает Яна Непомнящего только онлайн. Того Яна Непомнящего, что этой прекрасной весной идёт к своей великой победе в турнире претендентов) >>1056712

#299 International Thread

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Photoshoot edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last 3,5 weeks >Extreme inactivity due to vacationing, hard work and Civ 6 >Kchanon remains directionless >Many april fools pics posted >Many kpop dreams >Kchanon watched Shogun, rewatched Shogun and is hatewatching the Walking Dead >Kchanon watches Yunjin smart choreo on his TV and against panic attacks %% :cha_angry:%% >Chingu gets my waifus if i disappear over the Atlantic again >Kchanon theorizes east euros are obsessed with traveling, sample size: 2 >Return of Woo!ah!! >Crazy Yunas Next week+ >comebacks from ARTMS & IVE

Крендельная #84

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С др Айрин! И делимся лайфхаками как готовить смайлецов А вельветки немного подскажут: *Step one, mix it* *Step two, bake it* *Step three, serve it* Предыдущий >>1052244

Eunha looka SAMA.2015-2024


Крендельная #83

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:yeonwoo_think: Предыдущий >>1049961

#298 International Thread

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Guns and Roses edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last two weeks >IVE concert madness continues, hotter outfits on the US leg of the tour keeping kchanons warm in cold days >Wonyo's sister, is she gonna be the next big acting thing on kchan? Watch her drama to find out >Sohyun not welcome in orthodox churches because of her untamed amazing hair, really lame religion if you ask me >Korean spies, how can we become interesting for them? >Daisy... :seoy_welp: >Kchanon visited Italy, marveled at train infrastructure and asian tourists >Cute Gigi best Gigi >Fridges, are they cool? Or are they hot >Wonki a cute >Silly hot waifs are the best at the moment >Phamzilla strikes kchan >Short hair Wonyo, could it work? First drafts say yes! >Germany hate, well deserved >Kchanon flying to New York, disappearing over Atlantic, but luckily reappearing over East coast. I still have dibs on his wiafus if he doesn't make it on the way back across Atlantic >Somyi going to prison, very sad story but not that surprising >Breadwinner Elkiebro came back to the thread, joyous occasion >I'llit debuted, some of them are qts >Mire day started In the following week: >Birthdays of Lisa, Reeny and Jeewon >Babymonster comeback

Крендельная #82

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:wony_neutral: Предыдущий >>1046319

14번째 한글 스레드

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이데아 없으니 앙 에디션 이전의 스레드: >>1003563 >>987894 >>961672 >>943240 >>916587 >>894157 >>875832 >>859816 >>849380 >>838910 >>823838 >>800583 >>775652

j and yoon

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finally found j in this outfit here's some yoon too

Крендельная #81

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Юхуу весна Последний зимний >>1027257

#297 International Thread

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Bring your +1~, Kpops On A Date Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last Week: > Kchanon dreamt of kpops and weird things > Karina dating was controversial even for kchanon > Kchanon was living on 4 sandwiches a day (+6 croissants) > Kchanon did not succeed in making a daughterwaifu edition after 2 years of trying hard > Kchanon spread the joy by sharing new fansites, some overlooked, others looked at overly > Kchanon started a highly accurate map of where kpops have come to in europe > Mire has been celebrated every day even though her boss died under suspicious circumstances > Armpits have been discussed. Are they just a lewdster meme, a new fashion trend that will go away again, or a future staple of kpop charms? Special AI Last Week Review sponsored by Philip Schmid: > Wonyoung won the Best Bonchae award but didn't clinch the MOTY. :wony_neutral: This Week: > will feel like it's only 2 and a half days long for some reason > tripleS Kotone, kepler hikaru will celebrate their birthdays Weekly MVP Shoutouts: > First one goes out to the chingu who shilled Mire on kch, great job! > Big thanks goes to kchanon for not yelling at me too much for making the new edition a bit later than usual :dahyun_pray:

Крендельна #80

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Огого, юбилейный тред, красивые цифры :nancy_susp: К следующему треду прочесть в срочном порядке: "Оно"Л. Толстого "Война и Мир" Сст. Кинг Хорошие, и не очень, камбеки :bin_smile: Скромное упоминание тура триплэс Предыдущтй тред: >>1010502

#4 SciTech Thread

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Setting up your mac edition %% Previous >>1010690 >>1003529 >>976927

#296 International Thread

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open shoulder edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last week: >Mire once again received much love >Ningning in a black dress in Milan, what more could you want >Multiple concerts, with all eyes on ITZY >Hot silly waif determined to be the best kind of waif >Karina started dating, and kchanon insisted his loneliness made him more catholic than her >Dinosaur watching with kpops >ITZY in Paris blew everyone away, and made kchanon the best poster of the day >Storing kpop pics in the recycle bin determined to be the worst idea of the edition >FOMO-nim missed out >Everybody counted up their (You)s, with predictable winners

#295 International Thread

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Time to get serious (and put on some headbands) edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Cheap beef? Rei says no! >Korean and Japanese, do they really arrrr rook the same? >Valentine's day chocolates, who should be giving them and who should be receiving them? One thing is for certain, kchanons didn't do either of those >Mystery of falling of chairs solved, the pesky ground sockets make kpops fall >Weird-nim weirded out by cooking >Baka! >Nugu Iceberg, are we actually experts? Turns out we aren't >Kpops supporting wrong football teams (not that I would know) >Le sserafim released Easy which got lukewarm reaction from kchan, the music is bad but at least the geols are [HOT] >Tribe released Diamond which was significantly better. Mire looks great >Butts, how to classify them properly? Read the next kpop science from kchanons to find out >Yujin in Milan, overshadowing every other person in the entire country Next week: >Twice's comeback number 232855422655655265 >Birthday of: Haewon

#294 International Thread

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Absolutely No Memes, Pure-Pop Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults > 4. No memes! :police:

#293 International Thread

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Denim edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Previously: >many edition posts were made, and the idiot still found ways to complain >grandma, 77 >kchanon broke the :autism: streak >Sejeong Tifa cosplay >kchanon can't comprehend someone posting girls they dont waifu >very cool Hanni look fried peoples brains, making them claim Haerin was better or be weird about her button >kchanon ignored dice-nim's demand to stay up and couldn't sleep for 3 hours as a result >two russian self doxes >anime education = catgirls and glasses girls >kchanon finished 2 movies! >" titles finally decyphered >baby wony appreciation This week: >Seulgi, Kim Lip & Woooo birthdays

Тред разработки борды (Board development)

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Прошлый (Previous) >>4410 Формат смайлов (Smiles requirements) >>122797 Редактирование профилей (Idol profiles editing) >>123590

Крендельная #79

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Новый год. Новый тред если постараемся, то возможно перекатим к следующему году :yeonwoo_wut: У каждых ворот Стоят молодые сосны. Праздничный вид! Во все дома без разбора Сегодня пришёл новый год при создании этого треда ни одна аватарка не пострадала прошлый тред, в котором мы снова не обсуждали крендели >>1001089

#292 International Thread

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Twintails, high or low, braided or unbraided, we got them all Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults In previous thread: >Isoposting followed by Bonchaeposting was a great start >Poet chingu wrote poems >>1018552 >>1018530 >Biscuit girls, can they satisfy our hunder for kpop? >Dutch, is it made up language or just drunken mumbling, scientists are still debating >Turururururu continues to dominate the charts >The mule keeps amassing more kpop >Will we ever see pretty eyes qt Jisoo on the big stage again? Only time will tell >GIDLE released 2 songs, seemingly nobody really cares >Winter Karina, the gfe overload >Would Lily carry the ring to Mordor? >Vacation to Italy planned with great difficulties >Anime titties, just how big are they >Minseo, waifu material? Find out with the next comeback >Elkie guy made a return and seems to be well >ITZY world tour announced, this time the "World" actually includes Europe >Le Sserafim teasers very omo and causing lots of excitement for the comeback >How about Minji >Ayano's secrets partially uncovered (it's money) >Search for Kazuha 2.0 continues at the library >Peak Ryujin, can she maintain it? Find out in the next comeback In the next week >Birthdays of : Miyeon, Jihyo, Gahyeon, Rei, Minju, Lee Luda >Releases: Babymoster, Twice, TripleS,


Недавно мне попался лайтстик какой-то герл группы,но он был неимоверно красивым и особенность была в том,что он мог удлинятся до двух метров.Часовые поиски не помогли мне(Может кто знает?

#291 International Thread

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Winter edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults The first edition of 2024 >The Kch awards were held, big wins for IVE, Newjeans and Sohyun >Discussion on the safety of biking while drunk >Kchanon upped his love for Purple Kiss Goeun >Kchanon ate cake mailed to him, and lived to tell the tale >Kchanon finally fell for Karina and started posting her >ARTMS seasons greetings blew everyone away >The cutest thing in the first half of the edition >>1012506 >Yuqi shilled Pokemon merch nobody could afford >ITZY comeback was well received and well posted >the search continues for tight white pants pics >Prague pic just for me :bin_happy: >Kchanon started archiving videos again, turning many girls green >NMIXX and Yena comebacks, that went mostly ignored >White jacket Haerin was the highlight of a couple of days >TripleS Jiwoo was appreciated and might get posted more in the future >Kchanon finally got his keys and paperwork done >Kchanon was a nepotism hire the whole time, and bossed his boss around >Unprecedented amount of IVE and Aespa pics posted

#3 SciTech Thread

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Build fail edition coding is difficult for me too because just pressing space bar wrong or enter wrong it's always build fail so i can't nothing comes up so i don't know what i did wrong

13번째 한글 스레드

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오이시쿠나레 오이시쿠나레 모에 모에 큥 에디션 %% 이전의 스레드: >>987894 >>961672 >>943240 >>916587 >>894157 >>875832 >>859816 >>849380 >>838910 >>823838 >>800583 >>775652

Крендельная #78

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우리는 당신에게 행복한 새해를 기원합니다! заварила чай пользуясь случаем Сая рекомендует вам книгу Стивена Кинга Оно Сая создала тред за Веню, а пупа создал за лупу тред шуток про пупу и лупу, ныне запрещённых >>992603 ещё в треде запрещены деаноны

#290 International Thread

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Award Show Edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults It's here, final edition of 2023 on kchan. I will try to do a brief summary of the year that had most likely more content than any other year before, both in kpop at large and on kchan in particular. I will try to do it chronologically for the most part, but I will jump back and forth if I remember something else. >Starting on the 1st of January, or rather ending on the 31st of December of the previous year, VLIVE has officially shut down. Luckily autists of the internet made many backups, but the course of kpap live streams has been altered ever since >Wonyo and Minju quit their MC jobs, officialy ending the last remains of IZONE era >Loona lawsuits happened, gradually every single girl managed to get free of Blockberry (though the cunts still haven't quit trying) >This gave us ARTMS and Loossemble, both of which were a success with kchanons who continue loving the girls >Momoland officially died >Brave Girls reformed under a new company, Nabro was probably very happy >Several groups had their first win including Billlie, NMIXX, H1-KEY >Jisoo had a solo debut >Jihyo had a solo debut >TripleS debuted, this process is still ongoing as they are adding more girls, the current number is 20 >LimeLight had their official debut >Queendom Puzzle happened, gave rise to the likes of H1-KEY and debuted a temporary group that nobody even remembers exist >Joy went on a hiatus, but recovered well >Rei was on a short hiatus and also recovered well >Moon Sua went on a hiatus after her brother commited suicide, she came back and we wish only the best for her >Apink left their company, but continue as a group >Fifty Fifty had a meteoric rise on the charts becoming the cinderella story of 2023, this was promptly ruined by the company producer and CEO arguing over rights to the song, the resulting lawsuits ruined the group and 3 of the 4 members are forever cancelled in the eyes of the Korean public >Kchan picked up a new poster whose waifu is Mia >Kim Doah made a solo debut, unfortunately she remains nugu, but is making it in the hearts of kchanons >Kchanons had many autistic debates, be it about screen to kpop size ratio, bras, push and pull theory, or even kpop buttons >Kchanons stalking other kchanons with photo metadata >Minju smiling day was established on June 1st, it shall be celebrated henceforth >Wendy finished her job as radio show host, ending the era of running towards camera pictures >Kchanon with very bad back problems had a surgery and recovered well >Kiss of Life debuted, first solo then as a group >Twitter changed their API making it ever more difficult to get pictures from that stoopid website >Everglow FINALLY had a comeback, but decided to ruin Mia's hair for some reason >Soojin came back from exile and debuted as solo >The World Scout Jamboree was to take place in SK, weather utterly ruined it but it turned into the greatest kpop concert since the original Dream concers with all the big names such as IVE and Newjeans performing in one venue, livestreamed for free to the world >BLACKPINK continue as a group but their solo activities no longer fall under YG, giving us hope we will actually get some music from them >BLACKPINK was invited to Buckingham Palace and received honorary MBE's setting them on their way to become aristocracy >Kchan reached 1 million posts with >>1000000

#2 SciTech Thread

657 187
Monketype edition - All the latest gripes about operating systems - Don't aggregate related stuff for rows until after filtering - Will v0 end the bore of user interface design - How to buy an ISO laptop in europe (without shipping it from across the atlantic) Previous >>976927

#289 International Thread

4918 9055
hoodie/sweater/sweatshirt edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults

#1 SciTech Thread

585 190
Kpop science and technology here!

Крендельная #77

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**Мы должны все поднажать в постинге и тогда обязательно успеем перекатить до следующего треда к Новому году** Смотрим лучший релиз года

#288 International Thread

2504 4473
1 MILLION POSTS KCH CELEBRATION EDITION Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults We made it, chingus :yuji_bday: and we're all gonna *make it* :dahyun_pray:

#287 International Thread

4906 8576
Pretty Selfies of Pretty Girls Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults

12번째 한글 스레드

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JUST 에디션 >그냥 - 그냥 새로운 스레드 해봐 just make a new thread -만 - 15분만 기다려줘 just wait 15 minutes >단지 - 단지 좋은 에디션 생각해야 되지 you need to just think of a good edition 오직 - 오직 좋은 에디션만 괜찮나? 어려운데 just a good edition is fine? but it's difficult >딱 - 좋은 걸 딱 우리 원하는 거지 a good one is just what we need 다만 - 다만 난 좀 덤코프잖아서 이것밖에 할 수 없어 it's just that i'm a bit of a dummkopf so i could only do this >그대로 - 뭐야...괜찮아 아마 그대로 올려봐 the heck is's fine i guess just post like that 이전의 스레드: >>961672 >>943240 >>916587 >>894157 >>875832 >>859816 >>849380 >>838910 >>823838 >>800583 >>775652

Крендельная #76

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Предыдущий >>981102

#286 International Thread

4809 7333
Seeing Right Through (You) Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last week > wonyoung could convince us that bangs are not necessarily evil > kch continues to struggle with new edition tuesdays > redvelvet gave us some interesting teaser pictures. smol in size, but decently big impact > heejin cameback well~~ local kch heej-fans received it with a 7/10 rating This week > WEEEKLY AND VIVIZ COMEBACK HYPE!!!!!!! > Many more super comfy autumn kgf feel pictures :bin_feels: > I, kchanon, will have one(1) or more(2+) kpop dreams :roa_pray:

Крендельная #75

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Предыдущий >>974536

#285 International Thread

2250 3242
Girls who make you go AAAHHHHHHH edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last week > many Yunjin pics > new edition situation This week > maybe some news about Soojin's comeback

#284 International Thread

2785 3996
2022 debuts edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults >Last week >All idols went traveling >Doyeonposting spread joy to all but one >Baddie got stuck in everybody's head >People were still butthurt about the Austro-Hungarian Empire >Yeseo/Dayeon alarm clock This week >Billie comeback >Rosebro mountain trip

Крендельная #74

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Предыдущий >>968713

#283 International Thread

3075 4444
Going Back In Time Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last week +1: > we were spammed by a wave of wony pictures. some chingus couldn't swim > releases of idle and ive and newjeans did not get much praise > kpop saving and sorting and kpop infrastructure was discussed a lot > we fell in love with a kpops hair > we like making webms again This week -1: > tripleS nakyung, elris yeonje birthdays > comebacks/releases: triples, lightsum, ive, sunmi > kchanon won't fuck up new edition tuesday again

Крендельная #73

514 250
Предыдущий >>962512

#282 International Thread

4488 5615
kchanon's love at first sight edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last week: > Billlie released a very comfy song > tripleS arrived in the great land of the free and already toured a couple of venues, sadly kch's favorite S sohyun got sick and had to sit out for some of the venue dates > Blockberry took more Ls but is not giving up yet > Kep1er visited Europe %%please come to other countries too%% > Korea celebrated Chuseok and our girls had some much deserved days off to spend with their families Next week: > NewJeans will release a song as the LoL Worlds 2023 anthem on Oct 4 > IVE will drop their second pre-release single *Off The Record* on Oct 6 > (G)I-DLE will come back on Oct 6 > We will be celebrating the birthdays of GFRIEND Yuju, Hanni, Lua, Nicole noona, Yunjin, Suzy (our actress) and CLC Seunghee

#281 International Thread

2728 2750
exposed shoulder edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Blockberry lost in court yet AGAIN, bringing their total record to 37 consecutive losses >Yujin visiting a fashion show in Milan, and being the main event for chingus here >news about the Blackpink contract negotiations still being ongoing, but it seems like the majority of the members are not staying with YG >tripleS geols all in different outfits caught the attention of everyone >Hyunjin had TWO deep dish pizzas while visting Chicago(also known as chiraq) >VERY omo joy's posted >Kep1er had their comeback with Galileo, which garnered enjoyment amongst chingus for its cheerful sound >IVE released their pre-release single Either Way, which saw a massive swell of praise from chingus >the idols you see today? they're actually the secret daughters of previous idols >tripleS fighting game who are you maining Next week: >on the 27th, Billlie is releasing a pre-release single called BYOB (bring your own best friend)

11번째 한글 스레드

1202 813
동사 뒤에 붙는 재미있는 거 에디션 어/아보다 try 어/아가다 어/아오다 do and go/come 어/아버리다 gets completely done and irreversible 오늘은 유연이가 패션위크에 참가해봤고 계단을 간신히 내려오면서 아논이는 사랑에 빠져버렸어:heart: >>943240 >>916587 >>894157 >>875832 >>859816 >>849380 >>838910 >>823838 >>800583 >>775652

Крендельная #72

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Предыдущий >>956937

#280 International Thread

3385 3430
Buttons edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Irene roaming around Berlin, looking very cute but also hawt >Loossemble had their debut, and it was good! Especially for all us losers >SEKSHIE Sana's all around >Yeseo in the white dress getting lost of attention >pocket waifu yeojin let loose in new york >boobs, incredible stuff really >going over the scientific method behind saving photos >finding out that Jinsoul is a fellow kdata hoarder Next week: >Kep1er is having their comeback with Galileo on the 25th >IVE is dropping their pre-release single Either Way on the same day

#279 International Thread

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photos where the face is the main focus edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >kchanon went outside! baffled and awed by the grandeur of reality and the process of making memories for themselves >finding out yeojin weighs so little you can probably lift her up with one arm >buncha geols went to seoul fashion week wearing some uh, interesting outfits >Pixy coming to Brno to partake in the local culture and wonderful scenery >Kep1er geols out in fields looking very wholesome but probably up to mischief >the Weeekly fan song came out, and it's great! They also had a fansign with lots of omo pictures and videos from it >remember to not show zoawaitress the spaghetti you put in your pockets Next week: >EL7Z UP, the group formed after the conclusion of Queendom Puzzle, is having their debut with the title track CHEEKY on the 14th >Jihyo is releasing a english version of Killin' Me Good on the 15th >Loossemble is having their debut on the 15th, with the title track Sensitive

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#278 International Thread

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First win edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Seoul, just how beautiful of a city is it? Lets go to Yel's tummy for more on this >Wonyoday! One year closer to complete wonyodomination >summer is over and you're old and things will never be as good as they once were. But IVE is having a comeback! >former cherry bullet member Kokoro returns for the japanese season of produce 101 >weeekly is back from the dead with teaser photos from their upcoming fan song, Good Day >the IVE photobook stuns and awes chingus in the thread >Eunbi looking very omo with her new bangs >showcasing their growth and ability, H1-Key got first place on The Show today and won their first trophy as a group Next week: >Chaeyeon is having her comeback with LET'S DANCE on the 6th >Rocket Punch are coming back with BOOM, also on the 6th >Weeekly is releasing Good Day (Special Daileee) on the 12th

#277 International Thread

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idols smiling edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >increased amount of kpop thugs wearing tracksuits and band-aid >jihyo got her first win as a soloist!! >saw wonyo driving a bumper car, and got reminded why she doesn't want to get a drivers license >the creation myth according to kaz >kwon eunbi looking STUNNING in a new set of calvins >doctor jo yuri being in on a conspiracy with big poopy >H1-Key had their pre-debut release with Time to Shine, which was enjoyable This week: >H1-Key is having their comeback with SEOUL (Such a Beautiful City), today! >Sejeong is releasing her first full album called Door on September 4th >Purple Kiss is having a comeback with the album FESTA on the 5th

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#276 International Thread

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Idols with gifts at fansigns edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Stayc had their comeback with Bubble, going Iffy yo iffy yeah all over the place >we're dropping hard N hanni's in the thread >never trust girls capitalism, they eat soap and make you fall for tall girls and embrace confucianism >Chuu won her case against blockberry creative, and had them pay her legal fees as well(HAH) >Yujin cut her hair short and is looking immensely omo >buttons, just how many variants are there?! >Jihyo's aptly named debut with Killin' Me Good is making waves >Rei expresses disenchantment with reality and living after spending a couple of days in the USA >huge, BIG congratulations to best girls Yeseo on her birthday This week: >on the 23rd, H1-Key is releasing the pre-release single Time to Shine >Cignature is having a comeback on the 29th with the title track Smooth Sailing >the following idols are having birthdays: Hyerin, Soyeon and Sejeong

#275 International Thread

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Idols wearing dresses edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Jo Yuri had her comeback with Taxi, and it's an absolute delight of a song in addition to a nice mini-album >some great Shu tummy on display >Chuu announced the name of her official fanclub, KKOTI. And it was really funny to some of us here >Yooyeon is secretly 42 years old?! >despite the constant negative press kgfeef >Kim Lip proclaims love for Poland, indifference to western europe and frankly could not care less about the balkans >the world scout jamboree concert happened, with some great performances from groups such as newjeans, ive, itzy, fromis_9 and many others >Eunchae is blonde now(!) >they don't want you thinking Cheng Xiao is dating Tony Leung but it's true he told me so >Ningning's body being the jjang >Jo Yuri getting her first win this comeback era! >Yujin being on the cover of Esquire Korea and looking incredibly omo This week: >Stayc is having a comeback on the 16th with Bubble >LOVElution, the TripleS subunit, is having their debut with Girls Capitalism on the 17th >On the 18th Jihyo is having her solo debut with Killin' Me Good, and Everglow is having their comeback with SLAY

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오늘의 교훈 에디션 예쁜 꽃 보면 예쁘다고 말해야 하는 것처럼 귀여운 걸 귀엽다고 해야겠다 어쩔 수 없다 :nunu_smart:

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#274 International Thread

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Your favourite foreign idols edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last Week: >Eunbi had her comeback with THE FLASH, with some great outfits on display >limelight geols are so small >newjeans performed at lollapalooza, and it was a great time >odd eye circle are touring through europe, to great fanfare and the enjoyment of everyone >teasers for Jihyo's upcoming solo were the jjang >mire-posting continues, all hail mire >Giselle flipping off people, a new hot trend starting? >Hyoyeon with her massive BUTT >depressed? Jo Yuri says stay that way >do you think your average kpop idol can point to bucharest on a map I don't >Eunbi got her first win as a soloist!! This Week: >Jo Yuri is having a comeback on the 9th with the title track TAXI >Lesserafim are starting off their """world""" tour with performances in Seoul between the 12th and 13th >Elkie is releasing a digital single called Speed Up on the 11th >The following idols are having birthdays, Sua from dreamcatcher, Yeeun, Yujin from Kep1er and Minseo

#273 International Thread

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Summer Break Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last Week On Kch: >We saw the kwindom geols in pretty dresses and some of them got kicked off the show into the harsh streets of seoul >We saw more everglow teaser pictures with mixed responses >Newjeans was watched and listened to often by kchanon >Ive announced its first photobook. Since it has a summer theme, it will be sold out in 1.3 picoseconds (half the time it takes to learn korean alphabet) >The location of the hidden central kpop fashion vault still eludes kchanon detectives >Eunbi blew this years booba budget already with her third waterbomb appearance >Itzy already made a huge impact with their comeback without even seeing stages yet >kwindom day was RUINED by mnet being lame, greedy cunts :yeonwoo_angry: This Week On Kch: >About 28% of kch population will die due to constant itzy kqt terrorism >Kchanons will spend his summer bonus >Comebacks: Kwon Eunbi, Lapillus, mamamu, limelight, jeon somi

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#272 International Thread

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Long-haired idols edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Kwon Eunbi making waves at waterbomb again >a new member was added to tripleS, and her name is Mayu >newjeans released the mvs for cool with you, which were both pure kino >Joy in some GREAT promotional material for a cf >Itzy released a pre-release single called none of my business in anticipation of their comeback next week >another episode of kwindom, now with eliminations! >Artms is having an event where fans can decide where the girls are going for a big photo shoot >601 days after their latest release, everglow announces a comeback Next week: Itzy is having their comeback with the song CAKE on the 31st

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#271 International Thread

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Magazine shoot edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Lots of appreciation for the new Odd Eye Circle album >An Yujin showed off her footie skills, linked with a move now to the big european clubs?! >IVE had a special CF song release with I WANT, proving that you are not immune to propaganda >We all learned the importance of clarity and intent in textual communication >Sohee's BUTT >They're making a web variety show where Kwon Eunbi is going to eat spicy food(peak kino) >Are ya gaming, son >The chingu watching the Hyeri k-drama finished it finally Next Week: >TripleS are going to reveal their new member today on the 19th >Newjeans are having their comeback with the mini-album Get up on the 21st >Oh My Girl is having their comeback with Golden Hourglass on the 24th

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#270 International Thread

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That Girl You First Fell For Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Last Week on Kch: >The kpop beverage wars are cooling down or heating up, depending on how you look at it. Pepshie gained a lot of ground with new kqt ads >The fate of Loona occupied kchanons mind. Artemis finally released the OEC MV with mixed reviews >Yenas disstrack got shut down by western law-fu >Der non-Trinker had a debate about drinking and its catastrophic impact on society >Itzy gave us many new pictures and we are all hyped about upcoming comeback >Geo-nim guessed many kpop locations, he's still a pabo though >Eunbi took over wendys' radio show and promptly changed everything we loved about it. However she brought a nice sense of fashion >F1 spam even made it into an edition OP, how annoying! >Newjeans made everyone supershy, except for that one guy who kept using the regular :shy: In the next Episode of Kch: >We remember the past, without minnight posting too much >Upcoming comebacks: IveXPepshie. that's it, yikes >We get to view the dance category stages of kwindom puzzle

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Вы тоже когда слушаете k-pop сразу забываете о проблемах и все хорошо?:> :chen_lol:

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#269 International Thread

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Idols with food edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >Lesserafim announces a world tour!... which for now just means Asia >Wony cant be trusted behind the wheels of a car, which is probably better for society as a whole >Telling time by the dress Miyeon wore for a certain fancam >We found out what Yoon looks for in an ideal guy(tall you gotta be tall) >Pizza discourse, just how much is too much *really* >Jo Yuri is gonna be in Squid Game 2! >Restaurant worker Shu says you're gonna get cancer and asks trees what their MBTI is >pepshie vs coca cola mashita, the battle of the century >Yena had some kerfuffles with Olivia Rodrigo >So you wanna translate Korean into English ey? Boy, you don't even know the half of it >The newest member of TripleS got revealed, and her name is Xinyu >We found out that Miabro is argentinan, just don't ask what his grandfather did between 1939-1945 >Soojin from (G)I-DLE returned from her exile up in the mountains >Nmixx released Roller Coaster, and chingus were shocked and overjoyed at it sounding like a normal song! >Twitter broke down for a bit, and everyone laughed at that south african >Itzy released their pre-release single BET ON ME, with generally positive thoughts from chingus >The TripleS geols moved into new Haus(Hauses?) with them getting new room mates to boot >Oh My Girl announced their summer comeback with Golden Hourglass >baNana supremacy STILL continues on kwindom puzzleu Next week: >Kiss of Life is having their debut on the 5th with the title track Shh >NewJeans is releasing a single in collaboration with the Powerpuff Girls called New Jeans, and an additional song called Super Shy on the 7th >NMIXX is having their comeback on the 11th with the title track Party O'Clock

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#268 International Thread

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Selfie edition Rules: 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content 2. Do not insult idols 3. Behave like adults Last week: >Hanuel from Kiss of Life had her solo MV with Play Love Games, amplifying the push and pull narrative in it >It was announced that Wendy will permanently step down as radio DJ of SBS Youngstreet, with Kwon Eunbi taking on her position >Geography and location spotting with chingus >Jo Yuri rumoured to be in Squid Game season 2! >Remember Blackpink? That was a fun group >Waterbomb festival occurred over the weekend, with lots of omo pics from thread favourites such as Eunbi and Stayc and æspa >Newjeans have announced a huge comeback, with 6 MVs and 3 songs that will be promoted from their upcoming mini Get Up >Village-nim spotted a tiny man, with sources differing on if it was jyp or lee-soo man >Yena had her comeback with Hate Rodrigo >Chingus are watching Queendom Puzzle and the Nana supremacy is still ongoing Next week >Swan from Purple Kiss is having her solo debut with Twenty on the 2nd of July >Itzy is having a pre-release drop with an MV for the song BET ON ME on the 3rd >Nmixx is also releasing a unnamed pre-release song on the 3rd >the following people will have birthdays: Seohyun from SNSD and Eunwoo(:chuu_wut:)

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시요밍 어디지? 옷을 사주야 돼 혜성이 어디지? 나도 무릎에 원해 벨라가 어디지? 희진에게 화내가 이제 안돼 가람이 어디지? 언제 돌아올 건데 코코로 어디지? 웃음 잊고 싶지 않네 >>894157 >>875832 >>859816 >>849380 >>838910 >>823838 >>800583 >>775652

#267 International Thread

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Red edition Rules: 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content 2. Do not insult idols 3. Behave like adults Last week: > Questionable discussions on age and shoulders > CSR girls had a good time in my town > Rei returned and Joy announced her return > All Loona members were freed > Odd Eye Circle announced a Europe tour in all the wrong places > Aespa went full omo > One guy just hates Ningning > Backpain guy kept almost dying > A man with various names shared his nice hiking pictures > Arin day was comfy > Many yokes landed > Heejin impressed nerds with her tongue hand Next week: > Kiss of Life debut > Some TripleS thing > Yena + Yuqi song > No interesting birthdays

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#266 International Thread

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Beach edition Rules: 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content 2. Do not insult idols 3. Behave like adults Last week: >HYBE announces a new girl group survival show called "R U Next", that will start airing on June 30th >Rei, a cheese hot dog fiend? the answer might shock you >chingus are planning for a heist at the central kpop clothes vault >Wendy's stint as radio DJ will end on July 2nd, as she is stepping down from the role. This news has been devastating for chingus >Seulgi doing ads for Adobe, but does she actually pay for it? >Chuu has been caught selling heavy water and producing plutonium >Leeseo's failure at decorating a cake made everyone laugh >TRI.BE going on massive US tour(even Detroit?!) >Vivi and Hyunjin have left blockberry and signed an exclusive contract with a company called CTDE&M >It's been announced that Moon Sua will return from her hiatus after the passing of her brother >the first episode of queendom puzzle aired, and the chingus that watched it enjoyed what they saw >autism-nim being mad at korea, and korean culture, and koreans? All because of the fact that he doesn't have a kwife(lol, lmao) Next week: >Honestly fuck all when it comes to new releases >The following idols will be having birthdays: Tzuyu from Twice and Seeun from Stayc today, and Arin from Oh My Girl on the 18th

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#265 International Thread

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Bespectacled beauties :seul_smart: and cool geols with shades on :yuqi_cool: edition Rules: 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content 2. Do not insult idols 3. Behave like adults Kch news reporting in :seul_yessir: In the previous thread: >Wony appeared in amazing hwiteu outfit, yet again sparking speculation of weight gain (which we all pray for :dahyun_pray: ) >The great GPS in picture metadata stalking scandal broke >Some moronis suggested that Choerry is not special anymore, which she quickly disputed by throwing very special birthday stream >Push and pull theory was examined and pondered >Minjus smiling day was established and shall be henceforth celebrated on 1st of June (also international kids day, coincidence? or connected?) >Spiteful kchanons tried to start a conflict between Yujin#1 and Wony#1 kchanons, but they appreciate each other's waifu and refused to partake in such stupid actions >Yves looks more and more like Sulli, we are concerned, but not pessimistic >Karina's IG got banned, but luckily reinstated very quickly >Yujin in Finland caused a lot of commotion, spawning architectural discussion about commieblocks >Zoa pics were achived >New Kwindom show started, hype is buildign up >Limelight broke through to kchan mainstream, each girl being picked up by different kchanons, great success >Fromis9 had a comeback, kchanons seemed to like it Next week: >No comebacks of worth I think >We will celebrate birthdays of: Jiyeon, Jinsoul, Hyeri and Jueun

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#264 International Thread

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Tummy edition Rules: 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content 2. Do not insult idols 3. Behave like adults >Last week: >Dreamcatcher had their comeback with BONVOYAGE, and it's a smash hit >æspa was at Cannes and gave those dirty frenchmen the ol' razzle dazzle >the great numpad debate (no conclusive winner here) >idol to screen ratio calculations with some very important maths on *display* %%:nay_lol:%% >the remaining queendom puzzle participants were finally showed off, so now we're just waiting for the damn show to start >even MORE fromis teasers >I saw some nice nancy's and honestly that warmed my heart >Rei returned from her hiatus! >Interesting discussion on how far you can disconnect your enjoyment of an idol or a group from their musical output >knowing bros guy is diligently watching episodes >so much great Jo Yuri content as of late, both her refreshing Lipton cf song Yellow Circle and her streaming herself playing games >Red Velvet geols are galavanting in Europe Next week: >fromis_9 is having their comeback with #menow on the 5th of June >the TripleS subunit Krystal Eyes is releasing a MV for their b-side Touch on the 6th >the following idols are having birthdays: Nagyung from fromis_9, Nien from TripleS, SinB, Choerry and Chaeryeong

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#263 International Thread

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Skirts? Skirts! edition Rules: >1. No sexual fantasies or porn content >2. Do not insult idols >3. Behave like adults Last week: >cake guy had his redemption arc, and it looked delicious >lots and LOTS of fromis teaser photos >queendom puzzle started early, by showing off some of the contestants and releasing performance videos for everyone to enjoy >Karina not only got rid of her blonde hair, but has also cut it short now. This has devastated millions of chingus around the world >Yves went to a birthday fancafe event for her and brought flowers to everyone there and was generally just the sweetest girl in existence >CSR celebrated 300 days since their debut >The æspa geols got individual instagrams now! >The TripleS members moved into an apartment complex, and are another step closer to creating their own kowloon walled city >Kim Doah had her debut with dream walking, with great accolades from chingus >MECHA-REI Next week: >Lesserafim are going to be promoting their b-side Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's wife on music shows >Dreamcatcher is having their comeback on the 24th with BONVOYAGE >Red Velvet is coming to Europe with concerts in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam

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#262 International Thread

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One Wink And You're A Fan Edition Rules: > 1. No sexual fantasies or porn content > 2. Do not insult idols > 3. Behave like adults Previously on Kch: >some moronis tried to override the edition, they did not succeed >aespas Spicy outfits sparked joy >idles comeback title was controversial among kchanons >the new MNET show puzzles kchanons mind >fromis announced a huge comeback >miaguy said wished everybody a good morning >baker-nim can't into math >the female lead on chloe show died Up next on the Kch: >Kim Doah (who made it into an edition post) will debut solo!!!!! >miaguy will declare his love for Mia >girls day sojin will become 37 years of age, which means in kpop years that she's already a great halmoni. maybe we'll hear some of her old war stories

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아쿠아 에디션 콜라: 노 펩시: 노 콕: 노 아쿠아: 예스! 우리 건강과 치아를 지키자! 아쿠아만 마시자! 이전의 스레드: >>875832 >>859816 >>849380 >>838910 >>823838 >>800583 >>775652

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Мини-юбилейный :soju: Зачем платить за терапию, когда есть наш тредик :yein_smart: Предыдущий >>897934